Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022 NACAA Reminders

March 15, 2022 is the deadline for Award Submissions, Poster Submissions, Presentation Submissions, Journal of NACAA Submissions and Leadership Position Applications.

You can submit at the following links:

Awards - https://www.nacaa.com/award-application

Posters - https://www.nacaa.com/poster-application

Journal of NACAA - https://www.nacaa.com/journal-application

Leadership Position Application - https://www.nacaa.com/leadership-application

Presentations - https://www.nacaa.com/presentation-application

You will need to be logged into the website as a 2022 paid member in order to apply or submit.  If you are having issues logging in - please send an email to exec-dir@nacaa.com and we can assist in resetting your password to allow you access.  Please make an attempt to log-into the nacaa website as soon as possible to make sure you have access.  NACAA will be limited to assist in the password reset process March 10-March 13 due to travel away from the office.   

Journal of NACAA article submissions will be uploaded as a Word File (change from previous submissions).  New guidelines are being developed on how to format your Word file, and will be sent to all members very soon.

Promotion & Tenure Reviewers

"Help Early Career Agents by Being a Promotion and Tenure Reviewer"
by Danny Lauderdale, Early Career Development Committee National Chair

The new NACAA website launched on December 1, 2021. I hope that everyone has been able to login to the new site and update your profile. One of the new features in the profile is to indicate interest in being a Promotion and Tenure Reviewer since some states require out-of-state reviewers. As I write this there are 54 promotion reviewers and 32 tenure reviewers. 

The Early Career Development Committee encourages all members to consider helping out other Agents that need a reviewer for promotion or tenure. When you login to the NACAA website you land on your 'MEMBER DASHBOARD" page. The first box on the upper left of the page under your welcome message is "EDIT MY PROFILE" (direct link is:  https://www.nacaa.com/edit-profile). Click that and scroll to the bottom of the page under "ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS" and check "Promotion", "Tenure" or both under the question "Are you interested in being a Promotion and Tenure Reviewer?". Below that indicate your rank by using the drop-down menu to help those looking for reviewers choose those with a rank above their current rank. 

For those looking for promotion or tenure reviewers, "MEMBER SEARCH" (direct link is: https://www.nacaa.com/member-search) is below "EDIT MY PROFILE" on your "MEMBER DASHBOARD" page. After clicking on that, scroll down and check "Only show Promotion Reviewers" or "Only show Tenure Reviewers" then click on "SEARCH" to get a list. 

If anyone has questions or suggestions related to Early Career Development, please reach out to the Early Career Development Committee. You can feind committee contact info at:  NACAA | Committees  

We encourage you to take this and any other opportunity to help out an Early Career Agent.


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