Tuesday, September 17, 2019

2019 AM/PIC Evaluation

Dear NACAA members,

Please complete this survey whether you attended the 2019 NACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference (AM/PIC) in Fort Wayne or not. For those who attended, we need feedback on your experience to improve plans for future meetings. Please assist your spouse and children with responding if they attended. Spouses and guests may take their survey separately.

For those who were not at the 2019 AM/PIC we need your responses as well to gather your insights to make future meetings more appealing and effective.

The survey may be accessed using a mobile device.   Please be aware that you will not be able to return to a previous page within the survey once you have moved to the next page. For that reason, we encourage you to complete the survey immediately following this year's AM/PIC, but not during the conference.   Please complete the survey by October 11, 2019.

Thank you in advance for helping make NACAA better,

Richard H. Fechter, NACAA Past President

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

First Timer Webinar Audio & Video Files Now available

For those of you who were unable to participate in the First Timers Webinar held June 4th - 
Links of that webinar can be found at:

Bottom of page. 

Direct links are:

Journal of NACAA Latest Volume Now Available

Dear NACAA Members,

Volume 12, Issue 1, of the Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents is now available online at: https://www.nacaa.com/journal/ or by clicking the article links below. Congratulations to the authors of the twenty-one papers published in this issue!

The next deadline for submitting a manuscript for the December issue of the Journal is September 15 th . New or potential authors who will be attending the AM/PIC in Fort Wayne should plan to attend the workshop on how to get published in the Journal of NACAA. We are also recruiting members to serve as peer reviewers.

My three-year term as editor of the Journal of NACAA ends in September. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the authors and reviewers I have had the opportunity to work with during my term. We are very pleased that Don Llewellyn of Washington State University will be serving as the new editor with the December issue.

Lee Stivers
Editor, J of NACAA
Retired, Penn State University

Coffey, P. ; Ridgeway, B.; Brown, V.

Burdine, B.

Jones, K. M.; Kephart, R.; Slocum, D.L.; Storm, A.; Thomas, A.; Wicker, R.

Henderson, J.; Gordon, J.

Dasgupta, S.; Bryant, R.C.; Wright, A; Pescatore, A.; Jacob, J.

Knight, C. ; Anderson, G.; Hatley, J.

Coffin, D.

Caputo Oliveira, R.; Shaver, R.; Shelley, K.; Binversie, L.; Johnson, H.; Akins, M.

Marks, M. L.; Stanford, M.K.; Mullenix, M.K.; Kriese-Anderson, L.A.; Bloodworth, J.; McElmoyl, C.

Hutchinson, M.; Martineau, E

Bramwell, S. G.; Debien, S.

Bryant, R.C.; Dasgupta, S.; Wright, A.; Caporelli, A.; Tiu, L.

Gohil, H.; Pavlis, G.; Ward, D.; Oudemans, P.

Jepsen, S. D.; Barrett, E. E.

Little, N. G.; McCoy, T.; Wang, C; Dill, S. P.

Bishop, C. ; Gatzke, H.

Muntz, H. E.; Walker, A.; Gunnell, J.

Benner, J. K.; Booher, M.R.; Clark, R.A. ; Fiske, D.

Yergeau, S.

da Silva, A.L.B.R.; Krupek, F.S.; Coolong, T.; Carlson, D. S.; Gay, W.; Shealey, J.

Dallin, J.; Romney, K.

NACAA AM/PIC Registration Now Open

PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL – The Process has changed a bit.
Early bird registration is June 1 – July 15, 2019.
July 16 – August 15: Registration fees increase $100/person
August 16 th – Online registration will be discontinued, and all registrations will take place on-site at the Grand Wayne Convention Center.

Due to credit card security issues over the internet – we have had to modify our AM/PIC registration process by having the Hotel Reservation and AM/PIC Registration – as two separate functions. 

Requesting a Room:  For those of you who need to reserve a hotel room thru NACAA (we handle making the reservation for you as the hotels won’t accept direct reservations) – you will need to make your lodging request at:  https://okzyhxiuzf.formstack.com/forms/2019nacaalodging
Once you submit your request – you will receive an email hotel code that you will need to copy/paste into the main registration found at:  https://okzyhxiuzf.formstack.com/forms/2019ampic

If you are an Active/Life/Spouse/Guest/Sons & Daughters and your name will be listed on someone else’s room with the same arrival/departures….YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A SEPARATE reservation You may proceed directly to the main registration at:   https://okzyhxiuzf.formstack.com/forms/2019ampic

If you are sharing a room with another member and have different arrival/departure dates than your roommate – go ahead and enter a separate reservation and we will merge the two together before submitting to the hotel.

FACILITIES FEE: For those of you who haven’t attended an AM/PIC before or are unaware of our Facilities Fee policy – ALL ACTIVE & LIFE MEMBERS must stay in one of the 3 contracted hotels (for a minimum of 1 night), or there is a $250 facilities fee for staying offsite.  NACAA has contracted for these hotel rooms and is financially obligated to fill our blocks, or we have to pay for the rooms – if they remain unsold. THERE IS NO FACILITIES FEE…IF YOU STAY AT ONE OF 3 CONTRACTED HOTELS.

The two sites once again are: (both of these links are also on the homepage at www.nacaa.com)

Friday, March 8, 2019

NACAA Ireland Trip Registration is now OPEN - Deadline - March 15

Hello, thank you for your interest in the NACAA Ireland tour to take place on October 12-20th!

This tour is "a go" and in order to finalize your spot,   each person must:
1) Please complete the webform:   https://www.explorationsbythor.com/nacaa-ireland
2) Pay the deposit of   $500   per traveler via check, credit card or bank wire (please select on web form and we will send you an invoice). 
3) Click 'yes' after you've read the terms & conditions on the web form. 
4) Submit a copy of your passport photo page. 

*Each person in your group must complete the online form so forward this email to your friends and family that plan to attend with you!!

The itinerary for the tour is attached.  Please read it thoroughly!

Cost of tour:   $2,625 per person

Flight #
Departure City
Departure time
Arrival City
Arrival time
Philadelphia (October 12th)
9:10pm (overnight flight)
8:55am (October 13th)
Dublin (October 20th)
2:00pm (October 20th)
*Please note if booking your own airfare you must meet the group prior to 8:55am on October 13th in the Dublin airport.  
Please check with us prior to booking your own airfare so we can review your flight schedule.
**You’re responsible to book your domestic ticket to and from Philadelphia.  Please arrive a minimum of 3 hours
(we suggest 4 hours) before the international flight which departs at 9:10pm.   You will collect your bags after arriving
in Philadelphia in baggage claim, then re-check in at a American Airlines counter for the international flight. On the return you will land in Philadelphia, collect your bags and re-check in at American Airlines counter for your domestic flight home. Please note when departing from Dublin you clear customs in Ireland, not when you arrive back in the U.S. This allows for expedited luggage pickup and check-in. You can read more here:

If you need any help booking your domestic ticket from your home city to Philadelphia and back, please contact Barb Nelson.  Please tell her you're with the NACAA Ireland group trip with Explorations by Thor.  She is aware of the group flight information and can assist with your domestic travel needs:
Barb Nelson
Scan East West Travel
Office main- 206-623-2157
Direct line- 206-395-7837
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm Pacific time

Barb Nelson can also help with airline tickets and hotel arrangements if you want to book your own airfare outside of the group ticket schedule; for example, if you want to go a day early or stay longer in Ireland, etc.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at:
donna@explorationsbythor.com   or 859.533.5474
alex@explorationsbythor.com   or 859.533.1965

Thank you,


Donna Thor
Explorations by Thor

Friday, February 1, 2019

Farm Dog Opens Its Precision Agriculture Platform for Free to All Extension Agents

Farm Dog Opens Its Precision Agriculture Platform for Free to All Extension Agents

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA – Farm Dog Technologies, a precision agriculture platform for pest and disease management, is now providing free access to its digital platform for all Extension Agents. 

“We are proud to offer our award-winning precision agriculture platform for free to all Extension Agents,” said Liron Brish, CEO of Farm Dog.  “We have seen firsthand how Extension Agents, the original trusted advisors to growers, have been hampered by budget limitations in their ability to serve grower communities through new, digital methods.  We have made a commitment that going forward, budget will no longer be an obstacle for Extension Agents wanting to utilize Farm Dog in their work.”

The Extension system, with roots tracing all the way back to the mid-1800s, was founded to bring objective, research-based agricultural information to rural America.  It is credited with bringing about the American agricultural revolution, providing significant returns on investment in communities, and directly contributing to agricultural productivity growth.  In spite of its success, the Extension system constantly faces budget challenges. 

To help offset these challenges, Farm Dog has partnered with the National Association - County Agricultural Agents (NACAA), the national non-profit serving Extension Agents, to bring access to the Farm Dog platform to Agents across the country.  NACAA President-Elect Gene McAvoy stated that “NACAA looks forward to collaborating with Farm Dog to make Farm Dog’s top-rated scouting platform available to members and hopes that this partnership will provide agents with a digital tool that will help make them more productive and assist them in better serving farmers.”  

As part of its Extension offering, Farm Dog has pledged to:
1.      Provide its platform for free to all Extension Agents and their teams, including researchers, assistants, and interns, among others.
2.      Create analytics tools for Extension Agents to use at their year-end reviews to summarize their impact in the community.
3.      Donate up to 10% of all revenues to Extension Service within the state in which that revenue was derived. 
4.      Recognize top County Extension Agents with strong impact in their communities.

For more information, Extension Agents can reach out to Farm Dog at extension@farmdog.ag.
Liron Brish (CEO)
Mobile: 1-512-762-3077
Email: liron@farmdog.ag
Website: http://www.farmdog.ag

About Farm Dog
Farm Dog is a precision agriculture solution for pest and disease management to help growers and agronomists optimize treatments, increase yields, and promote sustainability.  Leading growers and top scouting groups worldwide rely on Farm Dog in their day-to-day operations to make more informed decisions. To learn more, visit http://www.farmdog.ag

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

National Pesticide Safety Education Month Provides Important Opportunities to Promote Safe Use

The second annual National Pesticide Safety Education Month gets underway February 1st, to reinforce core principles of safe handling and use and to raise awareness of and support for the land-grant university Pesticide Safety Education Programs (PSEPs).

“PSEPs and their partners in Extension play the key role in public-sector education of certified applicators and the general public,” says Frannie Miller, Kansas PSEP. “County agents are often a major partner in advancing PSEP educational curriculum with private applicators who apply restricted-use and general pesticides,” adds Kim Brown, Louisiana PSEP. 

“Most safe use principles taught to certify and re-certify pesticide applicators apply to pesticide products used on the farm, ranch and around the home,” notes Mike Wierda, Utah PSEP. "Integrated Pest Management programs depend on the information provided by pesticide safety education to ensure that critical consideration is given to human and environmental health when incorporating chemical controls,” concludes Kerry Bernard, Maine PSEP.

Visit the National Pesticide Safety Education Month webpage to review basic pesticide safety principles and more. Everyone is invited to share the link with others to promote safe use of pesticides and your state’s Pesticide Safety Education Program.

Friday, January 25, 2019

NACAA Committee Leadership Opportunities For YOU!


When you read through the Special Edition of The County Agent, it is obvious that committee work and related activities is the essence of what it takes to achieve NACAA’s mission. Historically NACAA has been fortunate to have committed, hard working members fill those leadership positions. This year as every year, there is an opportunity for members to expand and share their leadership and professional improvement skills by applying for committee positions that are open. Becoming active in the NACAA committee structure will provide you with a wealth of both professional and personal growth. Give serious consideration to any of the state and national committee positions that are available.

Application/nominations are currently being accepted thru March 1, 2019

You can view the committee openings (by region and committee) on page 28 of the December, 2018 edition of The County Agent magazine found at:  County Agent Magazine

The application (once logged into the website) can be found under the Leadership Heading on the www.nacaa.com homepage - then select the subhead Committees - and at the bottom of that page you'll find the listing -
The opportunities are waiting for YOU!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

National Extension Evaluation Conference

Join us for the 2019 National Extension Evaluation Conference (NEEC), a conference designed for Extension professionals who are looking to increase their local Extension program’s evaluation capacity and impact!

March 12-14
Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista 1751 Hotel Plaza Blvd Lake Buena Vista, FL

Early-bird registration: thru - February 1 $400
Standard registration: February 2 - March 1 $450
On-site registration: $500

Dr. Matt Benge
(352) 294-1996 mattbenge@ufl.edu

Registration Link:

UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

December 2018 Edition of The County Agent now available

The December 2018 edition of The County Agent is now available at https://www.nacaa.com/countyagent/2018-04%20lr.pdf

For those of you who requested a printed version - they were mailed 1/4/19 and should be arriving soon!