Monday, December 3, 2018

Journal of NACAA - December 2018 - Now Published!

December 2018 - Journal of NACAA Now Available!

Dear NACAA Member,

Volume 11, Issue 2 of the Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents is now available online at:  or by clicking the article links below.

The next deadline for submitting a manuscript for the June 1 st   issue of the Journal is March 15 th . We are always recruiting members to serve as peer reviewers; please contact me at   if you are interested.

Wilde, T. 
Forstadt, L.A.; Jackson, T.L.; Sadauckas, A.

Rector-Woods, P. ; Nitzsche, P.J.; Mangiafico, S.S.; Rosellini, M.; Ross, D.

Ingram, S.; Dillard, L.; Hancock, D.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.

Hines, S.

Olsen, S. ; Wagner, K.

Boone, D. A; Gould, B. T. ; Boone Jr., H. N. ; Woloshuk, J. M.; Blythe, J. M.

Melendez, M. V.; Kline, W.; Matthews, J.

Warren, W. A.

Yergeau, S. ; Emhardt-Servidio, S.; Pellien, T.; Greene, A.

Yeager, T. ; Campoverde, E.; Felter, L.; Gazula, A.; Glenn, M.; Harlow, E.; Hinton, J.; Holmes, D.; Lollar, M.; McAvoy, C.; Popenoe, J.; Skvarch, E.; Steed, S.; Wiggins, Z.

Harty, A. A.; Olson, K.C.

Lindberg, H. M.; Cloyd, R. A. ; Runkle, E.S.

Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

Schultz, M. M.; Hyde, C.J. ; de la Mora, A.

Small, M. ; Findlay, R.; Nash, S.

Arnold, G. ; Custer, S.; Richer, E.

Knight, C.; Ray, L.; Sapp, P.; Butcher, S.; Hammond, K.; Cheely, T.; Tucker, J.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.

Barrett, E. E.

Jasinski, J. ; Kowalski, J.

Emm, S. ; Harris, J.; Bishop, C.

Raper, Kellie Curry; Doye, Damona; Derrell Peel

Lee Stivers
National Chair and Editor
Journal of the NACAA
Penn State Extension, Washington County
100 West Beau Street, Suite 601
Washington, PA 15301
Phone) 724-228-6881
Fax) 724-228-6883

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

PILD - Extension Leadership Conference - Deadline to Submit Presentation/Poster

Reminder - Deadline to Submit 

Due Date - November, 14, 2018

Details on Submitting a Presentation/Poster Proposal: 

ublic Issues Leadership Development Conference
Public Issues Leadership Development Conference

Thursday, April 12, 2018

First Timers Webinar Recording Now Available

First Timers Webinar Recording Now Available

For those of you who were unable to participate in the recent NACAA First Timers Webinar - you can find the recording of the video at

NACAA Teaching Ed Technologies Webinars

NACAA Teaching Ed Technologies Webinars

Extension Decision-Making Tools
Monday, May 7 1:00-2:00 p.m. CST
Zoom Webinar:

A number of Universities have developed decision-making tools to help our clientele. Join us for this webinar showcasing two such tools developed as a website and an app. Wyoming Ranch Tools is a website hosting a collection of decision-based tools to help farmers and ranchers. AgriTools is an app that curates several decision-making apps in addition to providing climate-based resources. Webinar will be recorded.
*Bridger Feuz, University of Wyoming Extension, “Wyoming Ranch Tools”
*Tyler Williams, Nebraska Extension, “AgriTools App”

2018 AM/PIC Registration Now Available

2018 AM/PIC Registration - Now Open

Registration for the 2018 AM/PIC in Chattanooga, TN is now available online at:  

As you all know, the AM/PIC has many different registration options for Active, Life, Spouse and Sons/Daughters.  If you find issues with the registration process - please let us know so we can make the proper corrections.  The quickest way to reach us is by emailing NACAA at

Early bird registration fee's run from now - until May 15th.  Beginning May 16th...all registration fees increase $100/person. 

The printed edition of The County Agent magazine was placed in the mail on 3/27/18 - so for those of you who receive a hard copy - look for it in the mail any day.  An electronic version of the magazine can be found at: