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New Edition Of The Journal Of NACAA Now Available

 Dear NACAA colleagues:

Volume 15, Issue 2 of the Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents is now available online at: or by clicking the article links below.

Ensuring the Success of a Community Farmers Market: Assessing Oklahoma City Urban Farmers Needs and Willingness to Participate in a Farmers Market
Campbell, J., Cozby, A., Hines, L.

Litter Acidification for Controlling Ammonia Levels in Poultry Houses
Chai, L. ; Ritz, C.

Garden Myth-Busting for Extension Educators: The Science Behind the Use of Arborist Wood Chips as Landscape Mulches
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.

30 days of celebrating National Pollinator Month: A Case Study
Chichester, L.1, Gardner, J.2

Nitrogen application and management to hops
Clark, J. ; Duley, C. ; Schroeder, K. ; Baxter, C. ; Halfman, B. ; Davis, K.

Creating a Farm Stress Extension Program
Dill, S. ; Chan, A. ; Zobel, E. ; Goeringer, P. ; Ketterman, J.

Performance of Teff Grass Cultivars for Biomass Yield and Nutritive Value Under Fall Planting Conditions
Hamm, B. ; Lemus, R.

Establishment of Bahiagrass and Bermudagrass with Annual Warm-Season Grasses as Companion Crops
Lemus, R. ; White, J.

Planting Date and Cultivar Effects on Alfalfa Forage Production in Mississippi
Lemus, R. ; Rushing, J.

Application of Integrated Pest Management Skills Through a Board Game Simulation
Loomis, G. ; Thomas, J.

University demonstration program for developing beef replacement heifers on cool-season forages in Alabama
Marks, M. ; Stanford, M. ; Kriese-Anderson, L. ; Mullenix, M. ; Rhinehart , J.

Providing Relevant Educational Programming through Teleconference to Place-Bound Audiences
Schieck Boelke, S. ; Stalder, K. ; Johnston, L. ; Hoyer, S.

Survey Increases Understanding of Iowa Women Farmland Owners
Schultz, M. ; Benning, J. ; DeLong, C. ; Hyde, C. ; O'Rourke, M. ; Scarbrough, L. ; Tidgren , K. ; Tong, J. ; Zhang , W.

Antemortem Exploration of the Effect of Human Behavior on Beef Carcass Bruising
Shoemaker, H.

Using GPS Technology and Parentage Testing in Rangeland Beef Breeding Systems to Evaluate Bull Power
Taylor, K. ; Briggs, R. ; Hadfield, J. ; Garcia, M.

The Impact of Free Senior Center Farmers’ Markets During COVID-19
Wagner, K. ; Curtis, K. ; Jewkes, M.

Excessive Freshwater: Expanded Utility Of Extension Programming In An Estuarine Environment
Waters, P.

Teaching Farmers to Be on the Cutting Edge of Weed Management
Zoller, C. ; Barker, J. ; Nye, T.

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Many thanks to all of the authors and reviewers for making the Journal of NACAA successful!



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