Friday, April 17, 2020

NACAA AM/PIC Update - April 17, 2020

NACAA AM/PIC Update - April 17, 2020

NACAA Members,

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold and impact every sector of society, it has been extremely gratifying to observe Extension educators from across this great country rise to the challenge of serving our respective communities and bring factual information and solutions to the daily challenges being faced by our farmers, ranchers, friends and neighbors. 

I am writing to follow up on my previous message to you dated March 27 regarding plans for the 2020 AM/PIC originally scheduled for July 19-24, 2020 in Virginia Beach, VA.   As I noted in light of the current coronavirus pandemic facing our country and world, the NACAA Board has been carefully reviewing our options for the meeting since the likelihood that the conference would go on as scheduled was in doubt.
The NACAA Board in consultation with the Virginia Association of Agricultural Extension Agents and the staff at Helms Briscoe was able to negotiate with the Virginia Beach Convention Center and hotels to reschedule the AM/PIC to a later date without penalty.

We have decided to reschedule the AM/PIC for September 29 - October 1, 2020 in Virginia Beach.  We opted for a reduced 3-day schedule for several reasons:
  • Anticipated reduced attendance because of budgetary constraints and possible travel restrictions at some institutions,
  • COVID-19 influenced reduction in national and state sponsorship for the meeting,
  • Likelihood that fewer families and children might attend after a long COVID-19 mandated absence from school this spring and probable re-opening of schools next fall.
Our plan is to focus heavily on professional improvement and member awards along with the by-law mandated delegate session and regional caucuses.  Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, tours, sons and daughter activities and spouse and life-time member activities will be eliminated and/or reduced. 

This has been a painful decision and was the subject of much deliberation and discussion by the board and does not diminish the value we place on our life members or family participation in the meeting.
We hope and pray that we will be able to return to a normal AM/PIC schedule in 2021.

Stay tuned for more information, we anticipate opening registration on or about June 1.

You can rest assured that as we move forward the health and safety of our members will take utmost priority.

Prayers for the safety of you, your families and our nation and keep up the good work of keeping our farmers, ranchers and the general public informed and educated about COVID-19.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your continued trust in NACAA! 

Stay safe and all the best.

Gene McAvoy

NACAA President