Friday, February 1, 2019

Farm Dog Opens Its Precision Agriculture Platform for Free to All Extension Agents

Farm Dog Opens Its Precision Agriculture Platform for Free to All Extension Agents

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA – Farm Dog Technologies, a precision agriculture platform for pest and disease management, is now providing free access to its digital platform for all Extension Agents. 

“We are proud to offer our award-winning precision agriculture platform for free to all Extension Agents,” said Liron Brish, CEO of Farm Dog.  “We have seen firsthand how Extension Agents, the original trusted advisors to growers, have been hampered by budget limitations in their ability to serve grower communities through new, digital methods.  We have made a commitment that going forward, budget will no longer be an obstacle for Extension Agents wanting to utilize Farm Dog in their work.”

The Extension system, with roots tracing all the way back to the mid-1800s, was founded to bring objective, research-based agricultural information to rural America.  It is credited with bringing about the American agricultural revolution, providing significant returns on investment in communities, and directly contributing to agricultural productivity growth.  In spite of its success, the Extension system constantly faces budget challenges. 

To help offset these challenges, Farm Dog has partnered with the National Association - County Agricultural Agents (NACAA), the national non-profit serving Extension Agents, to bring access to the Farm Dog platform to Agents across the country.  NACAA President-Elect Gene McAvoy stated that “NACAA looks forward to collaborating with Farm Dog to make Farm Dog’s top-rated scouting platform available to members and hopes that this partnership will provide agents with a digital tool that will help make them more productive and assist them in better serving farmers.”  

As part of its Extension offering, Farm Dog has pledged to:
1.      Provide its platform for free to all Extension Agents and their teams, including researchers, assistants, and interns, among others.
2.      Create analytics tools for Extension Agents to use at their year-end reviews to summarize their impact in the community.
3.      Donate up to 10% of all revenues to Extension Service within the state in which that revenue was derived. 
4.      Recognize top County Extension Agents with strong impact in their communities.

For more information, Extension Agents can reach out to Farm Dog at
Liron Brish (CEO)
Mobile: 1-512-762-3077

About Farm Dog
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