Wednesday, December 9, 2020

State Officers Workshop (Virtual) Scheduled for January 5, 2021

Are you currently serving as a State Officer, or anticipate taking on a state leadership role in the very near future?  If so, this State Officer's Workshop is for you.

National Association of County Agriculture Agents

2020-2021 NACAA State Officer's Workshop

Tuesday, January 5, 2021 10:00am – 11:00am Central Time

Passcode: NACAA

Subjects to be discussed:

Can my state Host an AMPIC? Bill Burdine, President-Elect

Committee Structure Phil Durst, Vice President


Recruiting quality members into leadership

Duties of State Officers J.J. Jones, Southern Region

Responsibilities of President and Secretary

Updating Officer, Committee Chairs and Membership

NACAA Operations Jerry Clark, North Central Region

Policies and By-laws

Membership Dues and Voting Delegates

Purpose of State Visits

NACAA Scholarship Program David Handley, Northeast Region

Criteria for Scholarships

Single vs. Group Applications

Executive Director Duties/Other Opportunities Kurt Jones, Western Region

What is ED's role?

Who to contact: ED vs Regional Directors vs President?

JCEP/PILD Conference

Recognition and Awards Stuart Gauthier, Southern Region

DSA, AA, Hall of Fame, Service to American Agriculture

Other Awards - What is available and how to apply?

Eligibility and Requirements

Quick tour of the NACAA database and website update Connie Strunk, Secretary

Where things are and how to update

National Outstanding Young Farmer Program Tammy Cheely, OYF Liaison

Life Members Jerry Clark, North Central Region

How to keep Life Members engaged

State Chair responsibilities

Question and Answer Session Everyone

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