Tuesday, June 11, 2019

NACAA AM/PIC Registration Now Open

PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL – The Process has changed a bit.
Early bird registration is June 1 – July 15, 2019.
July 16 – August 15: Registration fees increase $100/person
August 16 th – Online registration will be discontinued, and all registrations will take place on-site at the Grand Wayne Convention Center.

Due to credit card security issues over the internet – we have had to modify our AM/PIC registration process by having the Hotel Reservation and AM/PIC Registration – as two separate functions. 

Requesting a Room:  For those of you who need to reserve a hotel room thru NACAA (we handle making the reservation for you as the hotels won’t accept direct reservations) – you will need to make your lodging request at:  https://okzyhxiuzf.formstack.com/forms/2019nacaalodging
Once you submit your request – you will receive an email hotel code that you will need to copy/paste into the main registration found at:  https://okzyhxiuzf.formstack.com/forms/2019ampic

If you are an Active/Life/Spouse/Guest/Sons & Daughters and your name will be listed on someone else’s room with the same arrival/departures….YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A SEPARATE reservation You may proceed directly to the main registration at:   https://okzyhxiuzf.formstack.com/forms/2019ampic

If you are sharing a room with another member and have different arrival/departure dates than your roommate – go ahead and enter a separate reservation and we will merge the two together before submitting to the hotel.

FACILITIES FEE: For those of you who haven’t attended an AM/PIC before or are unaware of our Facilities Fee policy – ALL ACTIVE & LIFE MEMBERS must stay in one of the 3 contracted hotels (for a minimum of 1 night), or there is a $250 facilities fee for staying offsite.  NACAA has contracted for these hotel rooms and is financially obligated to fill our blocks, or we have to pay for the rooms – if they remain unsold. THERE IS NO FACILITIES FEE…IF YOU STAY AT ONE OF 3 CONTRACTED HOTELS.

The two sites once again are: (both of these links are also on the homepage at www.nacaa.com)

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