Monday, December 3, 2018

Journal of NACAA - December 2018 - Now Published!

December 2018 - Journal of NACAA Now Available!

Dear NACAA Member,

Volume 11, Issue 2 of the Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents is now available online at:  or by clicking the article links below.

The next deadline for submitting a manuscript for the June 1 st   issue of the Journal is March 15 th . We are always recruiting members to serve as peer reviewers; please contact me at   if you are interested.

Wilde, T. 
Forstadt, L.A.; Jackson, T.L.; Sadauckas, A.

Rector-Woods, P. ; Nitzsche, P.J.; Mangiafico, S.S.; Rosellini, M.; Ross, D.

Ingram, S.; Dillard, L.; Hancock, D.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.

Hines, S.

Olsen, S. ; Wagner, K.

Boone, D. A; Gould, B. T. ; Boone Jr., H. N. ; Woloshuk, J. M.; Blythe, J. M.

Melendez, M. V.; Kline, W.; Matthews, J.

Warren, W. A.

Yergeau, S. ; Emhardt-Servidio, S.; Pellien, T.; Greene, A.

Yeager, T. ; Campoverde, E.; Felter, L.; Gazula, A.; Glenn, M.; Harlow, E.; Hinton, J.; Holmes, D.; Lollar, M.; McAvoy, C.; Popenoe, J.; Skvarch, E.; Steed, S.; Wiggins, Z.

Harty, A. A.; Olson, K.C.

Lindberg, H. M.; Cloyd, R. A. ; Runkle, E.S.

Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

Schultz, M. M.; Hyde, C.J. ; de la Mora, A.

Small, M. ; Findlay, R.; Nash, S.

Arnold, G. ; Custer, S.; Richer, E.

Knight, C.; Ray, L.; Sapp, P.; Butcher, S.; Hammond, K.; Cheely, T.; Tucker, J.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.

Barrett, E. E.

Jasinski, J. ; Kowalski, J.

Emm, S. ; Harris, J.; Bishop, C.

Raper, Kellie Curry; Doye, Damona; Derrell Peel

Lee Stivers
National Chair and Editor
Journal of the NACAA
Penn State Extension, Washington County
100 West Beau Street, Suite 601
Washington, PA 15301
Phone) 724-228-6881
Fax) 724-228-6883

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