Thursday, December 1, 2016

Journal of the NACAA - New Articles Now Posted

Dear NACAA Members,

Volume 9 Issue 2 of the Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents is now available online at: Titles and authors are shown below.

The next deadline for submission to the Journal is March 15, 2017, for the June 1, 2017 issue. A 2 ½ month turnaround time for peer review and publication is extremely fast. I encourage you to take advantage of that fact to bring the timeliest information to your colleagues and ag/hort professionals. The guidelines for submission can be found here:

Schultz, M.M.; Anderson, M.J.

Mullenix, M.K.; Tucker, J.J.; Anderson, L.K.; Rodning, S.P.; Tigue, A.; Marks, L.

Blair, A.D.; Underwood, K.R.; Zuelly, S.M.S.; Anderson, J.; Johnson, J.E.

Daniels, C. H.; Miller, Megan M.

Doye, D. ; Sahs, R.

Theisen, M.; Schweihofer, J.P.

Neufeld, J. ; Agenbroad, A; Guggenheim, R.; Hirnyck, R.

Lemus, R. ; White, J.A.

Fitzgerald, C.B. ; Hutton, M.

Cantaluppi, C. J.

Flanders, A.

The Journal of the NACAA is a peer reviewed publication that is recognized by the Library of Congress. It accepts articles on original research, applied research, case studies, and commentaries. Practically any successful Extension professional is doing something worthy of publication in our journal. Successfully publishing in a peer reviewed journal is one of the best ways to improve your resume and/or curriculum vitae.

Have a question about submitting an article to the Journal? Send me an email, we’ll talk.

Lee Stivers

Lee Stivers
National Chair and Editor
Journal of the NACAA
Penn State Extension, Washington County
100 West Beau Street, Suite 601
Washington, PA 15301
Phone) 724-228-6881
Fax) 724-228-6883

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