Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Announcing the “$20 on the 17th” Fundraising Campaign

Announcing the “$20 on the 17th” Fundraising Campaign
Not many organizations or businesses have an opportunity to reach milestones seven years early. In 2017, (hence $20 on the 17th idea).  We are 7 years away from 2025 and closer to our $1 Million goal for the NACAA Educational Foundation.  What if we could reach this goal early? 
That would be great, did I hear you say?  Well here is an opportunity for us to help our NACAA Educational Foundation reach that goal and possibly raise more than $1Million.  This could provide even more scholarships and possibly fund future professional endeavors of our present and future members.

We are excited to announce as part of a special initiative:  The “$20 on the 17th” Fundraising Campaign!  The specific goal in mind:  is to help the NACAA Educational Foundation reach their financial goal of $1 Million before the year 2025.

How can NACAA members become involved?  We would like every member, active and life, to make a gift of $20 on the 17th of a month during 2016-2017.  You can also pick more months than one.  For example, if you decide to do one quarter of the year your donation would be $60 (that will cover your initial investment of $40 and qualify you for a $1,000 Scholarship); if you do half of the year your donation would be $120 (that would cover your total investment of $100 and would qualify you for your maximum of $2,000 in scholarships); for the entire year the payment would be $240.  All of these will also give you a tax deductible donation.   

If a member is not vested in the scholarship program, a contribution of $40 will vest the member for their opportunity to apply for up to $1,000 in scholarships through NACAA.  A contribution of $100 is required to apply for scholarships up to $2,000.  Members who become vested through this campaign may apply for scholarships in 2018.  As another option, you can spilt your donation between 2016 and 2017 to get tax credit in two years.

Our goal is to have all our membership be a part of this effort.  We are asking for participation from both active and life members.  If you can give $20 for one month or up to twelve, please consider some level of giving to honor our NACAA Educational Foundation goal early.

What is the timeframe?  Collections will start immediately, and the $20 on the 17th fund drive will conclude by June 1, 2017.  This will give us an opportunity to reveal our final fund drive totals at our 2017 AM/PIC in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How do I send a donation?  Checks should be made payable to the NACAA Educational Foundation and sent to:
Dwane Miller, NACAA Scholarship Chair
1202 Ag Center Drive
Pottsville, PA 17901
Please include $20 on the 17th on the memo line of your check, so we can accurately track contributions toward this effort.

Contributions can also be made online at www.nacaa.com - scroll to the bottom and hit the "Donate here" button.  Monthly recurring donation option is available.

Through strong leadership and dedication, NACAA members, active and life, can be proud to say we reached and exceeded out $1 Million goal early!

Another potential the NACAA Educational Foundation is working on is how to make it easier for member to give to the NACAA Educational Foundation is through your Estate Planning Documents…. More to come on this in the near future. 

Remember your cash donations to the NACAA Educational Foundation’s “$20 on the 17th” fund drive are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you!

Cynthia Gregg, NACAA Past President
Rick Gibson, NACAA Educational Foundation
Dwane Miller, NACAA Scholarship Committee

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