Thursday, April 3, 2014

DAIReXNET Upcoming Webinar


 Roger Thomson, DVM  
 April 7th, 12:00 PM Central Time 
 The milking system is the heart of any dairy operation, and requires a lot of consideration! Dr. Thomson will talk about the design and analysis of a milking system, including some reasons a producer might consider changing the milking system, frequency of evaluation, and basic system design. He will also cover regular maintenance concerns and will discuss the National Mastitis Council's analysis fundamentals and goals.  

 Forage Evaluation: Wading Through a Sea of Numbers

Forage analysis reports from commercial feed testing laboratory often can contain more than 70 potential lab analyses. All those numbers have value in specific situations, but rarely, if ever, would one want or need all 70 results for a single sample. Some of the numbers are needed mainly for routine ration formulation (e.g., mineral concentrations) and some of the measurements might be needed to help solve specific problems (e.g., mycotoxin concentrations). A core set of analyses should be conducted routinely all forage samples. 


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