Tuesday, May 21, 2013

County Agent Magazine Mailed

The May, 2013 edition of The County Agent has been printed and has been placed in the mail.  Unfortunately, we have discovered an error that was made in the database file which was sent to the mailing house for postal addressing. Each of you have been mailed a copy to your address we have on file, but...the name column is incorrect. Please advise your front office staff that a copy of the magazine is on it's way...but will have an incorrect name listed.

Since the process of mailing across the country normally takes a couple of weeks for everyone to receive (and it just went in the mail last week)....please let me know in the next 10 days or so if you don't receive a copy. In the meantime - if you would like to review a digital version - please go  to: http://www.nacaa.com/countyagent/County%20Agent%202013-05%20web.pdf

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