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March 1st Updates - NACAA Activities

Journal of NACAA Chair/Editor Opening

The NACAA Board of Directors is currently seeking an Editor/Chair for the Journal of NACAA. This is a 3 year appointment. Members who are interested in submitting an application for this position are encouraged to download a copy of the application which can be found at
For this committee appointment - the application process is not set up for "Electronic" submission. You must complete the Word document and submit directly as an attachment to NACAA Secretary Richard Fechter at by no later than March 30, 2013.
Here's a brief summary of the job description for the Editor of the Journal of NACAA:

Job Description for Journal of NACAA Chair

  • The Candidate must have a working knowledge of various types of technology used in the creation of documents for publication. Some examples are; the NACAA Web Page, internet links, the creation of spreadsheets for data tabulation, various document creation programs, wiki discussion pages, and photograph and chart creation and insertion techniques.
  • The Candidate must establish a close working relationship with the NACAA Executive Director, the NACAA Electronic Communications Chair, the NACAA Internal Publications Committee, and the NACAA Secretary.
  • The Candidate must administrate and communicate with the Journal Committee via conference call on a regular basis.
  • The Candidate must administrate the recruitment of 25-50 reviewers for the reviewing process.
  • The Candidate must design and provide training for reviewers that will improve the reviewing process for the journal.
  • The Candidate must communicate regularly with reviewers to ensure timeliness in the reviewing process.
  • After the deadline for receiving submissions has passed the Candidate must communicate with the participants informing them that their submission has been received.
  • After the reviewing process is complete the Candidate should communicate with participants to inform them of the acceptance or rejection of their papers.
  • Prior to or immediately after the "Call for Papers" the Candidate should communicate with NACAA membership to encourage the submission of papers.
  • The Candidate must administrate the journal publication process to allow for publishing the journal at least on a biannual basis.

PILD Reminder

Public Issues

Leadership Development Conference—2013

April 21-24, 2013
The Westin Alexandria
Alexandria, Virginia

Register for the conference at

Regular Registra on - $400 if paid between March 16, 2013 and April 15, 2013. If payment is not received by April 15th a $50 late fee will be added.

On-Site Registration   - $450
Note: Registration fees not received by the deadline date in each category will be assessed the higher fee. (for
example Early Bird Fees not received by March 15th will be charged the Regular Registration fee of $400.) 

For a detailed brochure please view

Reminder - March 15 Deadline for Award Applications and Journal Submissions

Just a quick reminder that March 15, 2013 is the deadline for Award and Journal Article Submissions.  Log into the NACAA Member database and submit your entries before the deadline.  This is a great opportunity to receive recognition for outstanding programming and articles you have produced.   

DAIReXNET (national eXtension) Webinars - Free to the Public

All of the currently planned webinars have been approved for one credit of CEU from ARPAS. To obtain the credit, you will need to apply for it on after attending the session.

Outcome Driven Health Management
Dr. John R. Wenz, Washington State University
March 4, 2013
12:00-1:00 PM Central Time
The goal of the “Good Health Records” program at Washington State University ( is: Accurate and consistent health records, efficiently summarized, used to evaluate and inform management decisions on all dairies. "Good records" have long been recognized as a cornerstone of successful animal husbandry and are becoming increasingly important in the dairy industry as the size of herds has grown. However, industry-wide standards for recording and evaluating health data don't exist. Connect with us for this webinar to learn how to achieve truly “good” health records and use them to make health management decisions based on hard evidence (outcomes) from the cows rather than perceptions of people.

Upcoming Webinars
Far Off to Fresh Cow - Opportunities to Improve Transition Performance
Dr. Mike Overton, Elanco
March 18, 2013
12:00-1:00 PM Central Time

Far Off to Fresh Cow - Opportunities to Improve Transition Performance
Dr. Mike Overton, Elanco
March 18, 2013
12:00-1:00 PM Central Time

Economic Analysis Tools for Dairy Reproduction Programs
Dr. Victor Cabrera, University of Wisconsin-Madison
April 8, 2013
12:00-1:00 PM Central Time

New Tools for Dairy Reproduction Programs
Dr. Paul Fricke, University of Wisconsin-Madison
April 22, 2013
12:00-1:00 PM Central Time

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