Monday, March 9, 2009

Please update your contact information

Members (and Life Members) PLEASE take a few minutes to log into the NACAA Database and make sure all of your contact information is correct.

Updating your information is especially critical for members who are applying for awards, presentations, posters or submitting journal articles. All of these online application forms are pulling your contact information from the database. If it isn't there or isn't correct, your application may be incomplete.

If you don't know your login and password, click on the red text on the login page where it says:
Don't know your login or password?
Click here to have it emailed to you.

You will be prompted to enter the email address that is in the database for you. If you don't know which email address (or if there is no email address) is in the database, ask another member to look your information up or contact the person in your state responsible for maintaining the state's information (See: Administrative Access Privileges) or contact John Dorner, Electronic Communications Coordinator.

Once you have logged in, you can change both your login and your password to be something you like and can remember. From the "Member Database" page, click on "Change Your Login and/or Password".

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement to the database or the website in general, please send them to John Dorner.

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