Wednesday, February 25, 2015

$100 for the 100th Fund Drive Update

$100 for the 100th Fund Drive Update
Back in the October, 2014 issue of the County Agent Magazine, a special fund drive was announced to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of NACAA.  The “$100 for the 100th” fund drive has a goal of helping the NACAA Educational Foundation reach their financial goal of $1 Million by 2025.  The NACAA Educational Foundation is the organization which funds the NACAA Scholarship Program.

We have great news!  Since the program has been announced, we have received over $2,100 towards this effort.  Donations have been recorded from both active and life members alike…although the life members are currently leading in the $100 contributions!  Thank you very much to those members who have already contributed to our special fundraising campaign.

The NACAA Educational Foundation has now issued a special incentive tied to the $100 for the 100th.  Here are the details:
·        *   For every $25,000 in donations received, the Foundation will reimburse (1) early-bird registration fee for the 2015 AM/PIC in Sioux Falls, SD!
·         *  Up to 4 registration fees will be reimbursed:  1 reimbursement for $25,000; 2 for $50,000; 3 for $75,000; and 4 for $100,000 and over
·        *  Incentive is open to both active and life members
·        *  Only individuals donating at the $100 level or above are eligible (no state association donations are eligible) 
      *   Incentive is open to members who do not get their reimbursement through NACAA (ex: committee chairs/vice chairs already get registration fee waived)

Donations for the $100 for the 100th will continue to be received through June 1.  At that time, those who have contributed at the $100 level will be entered into the drawing, and the NACAA Educational Foundation will select the winners.  All levels of contributions are appreciated…from $1 to $100 or more; it all helps the Foundation reach their goal.

If you are not vested in the NACAA Scholarship program, this is a great way to become vested!  A $100 contribution means you are fully vested in the program, and are eligible to receive up to $2,000 in scholarships….where else can you get that kind of return on an investment?  Scholarships can be used for advanced education, attend specialized training or conferences, group tours, giving a presentation at a conference (both domestically and abroad), the list goes on and on…. With travel budgets being reduced in many states, this is one way for you to receive funds to receive your much needed professional development.

How do I make a donation?  You can pay by either credit card or check.  To pay by credit card, simply visit the NACAA homepage ( and click on “Donate to the NACAA Educational Foundation - Scholarship” at the bottom of the page.  

Checks should be made payable to the NACAA Educational Foundation and sent to:
Dwane Miller, NACAA Scholarship Chair
1202 Ag Center Drive
Pottsville, PA 17901
Please include $100 for the 100th on the memo line of your check, so we can accurately track contributions toward this effort.
Thank you for being a special part of NACAA’s 100th Anniversary!
Cynthia Gregg, NACAA President Elect
Frank FitzSimons, President, NACAA Educational Foundation
Dwane Miller, NACAA Scholarship Committee

Friday, February 13, 2015

DAIReXNET Formulating Diets for Groups of Lactating Cows Webinar

Formulating Diets for Groups of Lactating Cows 

Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University  

 February 26, 2015 

 12:00 PM Central Time 

Formulating accurate diets for lactating dairy cows requires users to input body weight, milk production, milk composition and perhaps other factors such as days in milk and parity. If you are only feeding one cow, those numbers are easy to get, but if you are formulating for a group of cows, what numbers should you use?

This webinar will discuss:

· Proper cow specification inputs for various nutrients

· Factors affecting those inputs

· Grouping criteria that result in more accurate diets

Top Ways to Tweak Dairy Nutrition Management to Improve Profitability: Part 2

Excellent dairy managers are always looking for and finding ways to improve the performance and profitability of their dairy herds. Often, the primary emphasis is placed on considering changes to the nutritional program for the milking herd as suggested by current research. In last month’s feature article, some of these potential management areas were explored. Although these areas are extremely important, tweaking the nutritional and management programs for heifers and dry cows is just as important, and sometimes more so. In addition, other components of a herd management program affect the nutrition program and, ultimately, profitability. Here you will find information on some of the areas to consider fine-tuning management programs for dairy heifers, calves, and dry cows and how the nutrition program is affected by other management practices.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

December/January Edition of The County Agent

The latest edition of The County Agent magazine (December/January) is now available for viewing/download at

Printed copies (for those of you who request a hard copy) have been mailed and should be arriving any day via the U.S. Postal Service delivery (realize this takes up to 10 days or so for everyone to receive).

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Registration Now Open for Cooperative Extension Fire Workshop in Tucson!

Dear Cooperative Extension educators,

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for a workshop on wildfires issues to be held next March 10-12 in Tucson, Arizona:

Preparing for Wildfires: Moving from Crisis to Opportunity
A Workshop for Cooperative Extension Educators and Community Leaders

Who should attend?   Cooperative Extension educators and their community partners who are concerned about wildfires

When is it?  Tuesday-Thursday, March 10-12, 2015

Where will it be?  Radisson Suites Hotel, Tucson, Arizona

What does it cost?   Registration is $50/day.  The Radisson is providing beautiful two-room suites with kitchenettes for only $79/night.  A limited number of travel grants will be available to help offset travel costs for Extension educators.  See the Workshop Registration tab on our website for details.

Why should I attend?  This will be a fantastic educational and networking opportunity as Extension personnel from all over the West gather to learn the latest science about wildland fires and how to respond to them.  We will have two full days of presentations and discussions, a poster session, a social reception, plus a field trip up beautiful Mt. Lemmon to see world class scenery and learn how recovery from wildfires in 2002-2003 is taking place.

Is the workshop open to people other than Extension personnel?  Yes.  Please invite your local partners such as planning commissioners, local elected officials, fire chiefs, fire safe or Firewise leaders, and anyone else who might work with you to prepare your communities and landscapes for wildfires. 

Can I bring my family and make it a vacation?   You bet!  We have carefully planned this workshop to be family-friendly.  The hotel suites can easily accommodate a family of four, and the half-price rate of $79/night is available for a total of nine nights (March 6-14).  Low-cost groceries and restaurants are within a few minutes’ walk.  A large shopping mall and a huge park are within a quick, free shuttle bus ride.  The hotel features a large heated outdoor pool and beautiful grounds.  Best of all, the surrounding Sonoran Desert and Sky Islands mountains offer some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and hiking.  See the Hotel/Venue & Travel tab on the website for more details.

What will the weather be like?  Tucson’s weather in March is typically sunny and in the 70s.  
Come join us for a workshop to be remembered.  Learn from national experts on a variety of wildfire-related issues.  Grapple with new issues, see old friends, make new ones, and expand your horizons!  Find all the details at
Questions?  Contact us!  See you in Tucson!

Doug Cram, Co-Chair
Asst. Professor & Extension Wildland Fire Specialist
New Mexico State University
(575) 646-8130

Julie Rogers, Co-Chair
Fire-Adapted Communities Specialist
Tucson, Arizona
(520) 909-0534

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NACAA Seeks Editor for Journal of the NACAA

NACAA is seeking to fill the (3-Year) Special Assignment of Editor for the Journal of NACAA beginning July 29, 2016 following the 2016 AM/PIC held in Little Rock, Arkansas. (This is a correction from the original email sent)

A brief summary of the position job description can be found at:

A copy of the application can be found at:
and must be submitted by no later than March 15, 2015 and sent directly to NACAA Secretary Matt Herring electronically at

Current Editor Stephen Brown from Alaska will be concluding his current 3-year term at the end of the 2016 meeting in Little Rock, and has done an outstanding job serving in this capacity.  The NACAA Board of Directors would like to select a new Editor at the Spring Board Meeting (early April, 2015) so that ample time can be taken to cross-train with Stephen to make the transition seamless during the one year period.

For more information regarding the position, please feel free to contact Stephen Brown at 907-745-3360 or or by contacting NACAA Executive Director Scott Hawbaker at 217-794-3700 or

Monday, November 24, 2014

RFP for Editorial Service for The Journal of Extension

Extension Journal, Inc. seeks proposals for editorial oversight and practices for publication of
the corporation’s flagship product, the Journal of Extension. The Journal of Extension (JOE)
creates opportunities for professionals and students to publish intellectual, creative work;
nurtures and develops emerging scholars and new authors in the publication process; encourages
professional development; and advances the theory and practice of the Cooperative Extension

Detailed information regarding the position can be found at:

2015 National Extension Energy Summit - April 7-10 2015

2015 National Extension Energy SummitClimbing Toward Energy Sustainability
The National Extension Energy Summit (NEES) 2015 is an opportunity for Extension professionals to share experiences and information, learn from successes and challenges, and build new partnerships for energy programs. The Summit will bring together expertise from Extension supporting: sustainable and renewable energy, home and farm energy efficiency, biomass energy programs, and other exciting energy areas.

More information can be found at: